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i worship u worship me

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 12.03.2021 – 27.03.2021
opening hours: 17:00 – 22:00

An interpretative site that invites user interaction

Using virtual waste (large amounts of content generated digitally) as the basis of an inquiry into image circulation and consumption, new codes and meanings are created.

Observing the interactions of participants in locations such as gaming and messenger apps, a shrine is built to honour and preserve existing symbols. It seeks traces of desire and obsession that seem fundamental to most acts of image-making behaviours and digital movements.

You are invited to explore the subconscious effects of image and material culture. Look into subjective feelings and narratives derived from attempts to arrange, appropriate and reinterpret.

Installations by visual artists Chok Si Xuan, Denise Yap and R∞pt display perceptions towards how these acts construct new pleasures, comfort and realities between physical and digital dimensions. They explore identities, image tactility, sensations and gestures.

Come through, and leave an emblem if you’d like to.

(we love cake)

Installations by
Chok Si Xuan 
Denise Yap

i worship u worship me is a physical expansion of Such A Mood’s takeover with @artcadeworld, co-organised with Upstairs (by The Council).

Download the zine accompanying Chok Si Xuan’s installation, oaeo here.

Read more about our virtual waste display here.

Reservations are compulsory to visit the physical shrine (link above)

see u, hehe ☺

Installation details

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66 Boat Quay, Singapore 049854